About Us

Strategic service delivery that is threat driven and intelligence led.

MOSAIC is a strategic intelligence and advisory firm dedicated to helping clients mitigate exposure and minimize loss, both financially and physically. We Integrate sophisticated technology with specialist knowledge, including human and deep source intelligence, combined with Open Source, Cyber, Imagery, Surveillance and Reconnaissance intelligence in order to address current and emerging threats to multinational corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations as well as private individuals, across four main areas: intelligence, counter-terrorism, cyber security, and critical infrastructure protection. A Rapid Response Intelligence Outfit.


MOSAIC management and advisors comprise a network of former intelligence operatives from various agencies including CIA, MI6, NIS and other clandestine groups, complemented by former British SAS, US Navy Seals, CAG and other special forces groups. We seek to develop long-term relationships with clients as trusted advisors.

Tony’s endeavors in Iraq and his support of the Kurdish Peshmerga in their struggle as the only organized force against ISIS made worldwide headlines during his exposure of chemical weapon usage by ISIS against the Kurds. Tony trained Kurdish special forces commanders in escape & evasion, defensive tactics and counter insurgency as well as providing emergency lectures on how to secure front line bases against chemical attacks.

We offer a full spectrum Intelligence operation for our clients. This includes three categories of intelligence: strategic intelligence, tactical intelligence, and counterintelligence. Through strategic intelligence we keep track of global current events, study the actions of foreign leaders and understand all of the basics of a particular country our client is operating in or considering operating in. In the process we analyze a country’s politics, economy, military structure, and scientific advantages. Tactical intelligence involves assessing the power structure of a country to determine which groups hold influence. In this role, we will analyze foreign policy, public opinion, and voting statistics as well as economic factors like trade agreements, gross national products, and famines or other natural disasters. Our Counterintelligence process prevents subversion and sabotage and keeps valuable information away from the enemy.

Intelligence work primarily aims to anticipate and prevent security threats, and respond to them once they have materialized.



MOSAIC provides strategic service delivery that is threat driven and intelligence led:
We pride ourselves on discretion and relationship building and using diplomacy, the employment of tact to gain strategic advantage or to find mutually acceptable solutions to a common challenge.