Also called investment recovery or resource recovery

Why “throw good money after bad? Criminal groups use elaborate schemes to hide assets from victims, forcing them to write off losses. Assets have been misappropriated, stolen or hidden. MOSAIC works closely with law enforcement, government officials and attorneys to lawfully freeze and secure the funds.

MOSAIC works by identifying, tracing and recovering assets held in real and intangible properties, offshore vehicles and multi-layered corporate holdings and then enforcing a legal judgment that can effect financial damages. Each solution is individually tailored to specific circumstances, managed with complete discretion under the strictest non-disclosure agreements. We offer a boutique personal approach, combined with an extensive expert network with global-local reach.


1. RESEARCH – public domain searches, public data, open source, proprietary and public databases

2. Leads are followed up on with a field investigation comprising of ‘Human Intelligence Gathering (HUMINT), covert acquisition agents of information

3. Collecting / collating information

4. Lifestyle examination of subject (including financial dealings, investments, property, relationships etc.)

Using instruments available through the courts, companies, creditors and victims of fraud can recover the assets they once believed they would never see again. Perpetrators assume that the necessary budget to pay for the services required to unravel a complicated scheme is too high, and that victims are more likely to write off losses or other bad debt rather than “throw good money after bad”. A further assumption the perpetrators make is that they will go unpunished and that the money will never be found, let alone recovered. Consequently, a major component of modern fraud planning is the use of elaborate schemes to hide assets from victims, creditors or other counter parties.

slideMOSAIC quotes will be based upon the following factors:

– Quantity and quality of information provided at the by the client

– Number of persons or entities to be investigated

– Geographical location of the targets and number of geographical locations involved

A three phased process:

In Phase 1, we will put together an analytical report which identifies assets and banking information. Upon completion of Phase 1, the client determines whether or not to proceed in depth.

In Phase 2, a full scale operation is conducted, including identification, freezing and collection of assets discovered.

In Phase 3, we will identify the best legal team either local or on foreign soil, to conduct court proceedings.

Our team of investigators will be in constant liaison with the legal team with regards to recovering funds from foreign financial institutions as well as communicating with local government officials and law enforcement.