The deadly poison killed 13 people and seriously injured 50 more after a 1995 attack on Tokyo’s subway by the Aum Shinrikyo cult.

Earlier this year Russian officials revealed ISIS militants are using sarin – which can kill within a minute – against enemies in Syria.

busy london tubeSchiena said: “A potential chemical attack can’t be dismissed.“I don’t think mustard gas is a likely weapon to be used in the UK.“But a chemical weapon like Sarin released in a subway would not be out of the question and would be crippling to London’s transport infrastructure.”

Sarin, a colourless and odourless liquid first seen in warfare during the First World War, is widely considered a weapon of mass destruction.The weapon was globally outlawed in April 1997 but was unleashed by Iraqi insurgents in a roadside bomb in May 2004.

Schiena, who exposed ISIS’ use of mustard gas in Iraq last year, has correctly predicted attacks by the depraved group in the past.He warned of an assault on the West on the morning of the Paris attacks on November 13 because the group had just lost control of Sinjar in Iraq.He said: “What we do know about ISIS is that they are reactive. You successfully hit their caliphate, they hit you.”

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