Satisfying intelligence and security needs in some of the most difficult and dangerous areas of the world.

A corporation, business or individual entering a foreign market is always at risk, more so, in todays economic environment than ever before. We specialize in challenging
and emerging third world markets, Africa being the most recent focus.

MOSAIC aids clients by understanding the way a market operates, identifying the key players, study the
actions of the relevant foreign leaders and understanding all of the basics of a particular country our client is operating in or considering operating in. In the process we analyze a country’s politics, economy, military structure, and scientific advantages. We map the current government policy and try ascertain a clear view of possible future policy agenda.

We have assisted clients in various African countries including South Africa, Somalia, Angola, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Mali; Eastern European countries including Romania, Hungary and Poland. Russia, the Ukraine and Latvia; Asian countries including Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, China, Japan and Fiji, South America’s Mexico, Brazil and Colombia and Middle-Eastern countries including Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, India, Turkey and Afghanistan and Iraq.

Whatever the issues your business faces in challenging or emerging markets, we can provide strategic service that is threat driven and intelligence led.