Strategic service delivery that is threat driven and intelligence led

MOSAIC stands alone in the intelligence sector as a full service security entity thats operated in a boutique fashion. MOSAIC has successfully serviced some of the planets most influential and powerful people with the utmost discretion. We are an intelligence company with a full service security component that has meticulously and successfully handled counter kidnapping operations, extortion and bribery, malicious defrauding, asset tracing and recovery, cyber defense, counter human trafficking operations and other security concerns. MOSAIC acquires and analyzes information, often in the most hostile areas, enabling clients to make more informed commercial, legal, and administrative decisions. MOSAIC’s global capability allow clients to mitigate risks from corruption, crime, terrorism, and damage to clients’ reputation.

Regulatory Due Diligence. The Search for Transparency.                             

Field investigations, interviews, and/or lawful social engineering methods are employed to enhance, further probe or corroborate investigative findings.

When exploring potential alliances, partners, mergers and other investment opportunities, corporations and other business entities need to identify a wide range of variables including personnel issues, fiscal irregularities and true track records. This is achieved through background research comprising public data, open source, proprietary and public databases, secure documents and records from court and government offices in the US and abroad, as well as “ground truth” data in order to make a truly educated decision.