If a person or business is threatened or there is a possibility of risk exposure, MOSAIC provides highly experienced operators who maintain a low profile and high level of discretion, allowing the client to continue their day-to-day lives with as few restrictions as possible. We work benjamin-netanyahu-armed-military-bodyguards-golan-heights-november-2012 copy on tasks both low profile and high profile in roles varying from Individual Executive Protection Officers to a full mobile protective security team, depending on the need.

Securing high net worth clients, senior executives, families and private individuals traveling overseas requires a complete protection solution that includes travel management, logistical planning, crisis management and emergency coordination and ensuring the safety of people and businesses that may be at risk or exposed due to the nature of their business, status, net worth, association, country of origin or location they are visiting. MOSAIC operators are specifically selected for each task according to their specialist training, area of expertise and experience in relation to the needs of the client and threat.