“Red teaming is not forecasting, red teaming is the art of challenging assumptions and exploring the possible.”

Red Team activity is any set of activities that deal with an unannounced covert assessment of security and readiness by an unfamiliar (to the target) team of operators with no awareness or support from the assessed target.

Rad team is an adversary team designed to replicate tactics that terrorists might use against their targets, assessing vulnerabilities and limitations of systems and structures. One type of Red Teaming / Alternative Analysis can take the form of penetration testers that assess the security of an organization, which is often unaware of the existence of the team or the exact assignment. This type of Red Team provides a more realistic picture of the security readiness than exercises, role playing, or announced assessments. Red team may trigger active controls and countermeasures in effect within a given operational environment.

“The United States intelligence community (military and civilian) has red teams that speculate about alternative futures and write articles as if they were despotic world leaders”.