The “Most Highly Trained Covert Operative In The World” Is A South African

Not only is Tony Schiena good looking, but the man is the world’s most highly trained covert operative in the world. His South African accent still holds, although it is long corrupted by endless travels, and can be heard while he provides advice on the topic of counter intelligence over various news networks and political conferences.

For, as the CEO of MOSAIC which operates in hostile environments, counter intelligence is where he has landed. Here’s a brief CV:

Having spent much of his youth in the 1990s working with the intelligence services in his native South Africa – a time in which he was embedded for long periods in paramilitary groups – Schiena has gone on to turn himself into a world-renowned expert on private security and combat operations, acting as consultant for everybody from the New York Police Department to the French Foreign Legion, the Afghanistan National Army to the Mongolian Quick Reaction Force.

He has trained the Kurdsih Peshmerga commanders in counter-insurgency tactics against Isil, advised the US Marine Corp in Iraq, and been made a Lieutenant Colonel by the Hungarian National Guard.

And in addition to all that? At the age of 25 Schiena retired undefeated as a World Heavyweight Karate Champion, currently plays a central role in the fight against human trafficking, used to supply doormen to west London clubs, and has a burgeoning career as an movie star.

He never stops doing and gives one week as an example of his lifestyle:

Look, I’m 41 years old. I’ve done a lot. But I don’t sit still. Take this past week for example. I attended a conference in Lahore discussing security issues in Pakistan, then I went to Dubai to work from my satellite office, then I went to Rome to speak in the Vatican’s inner sanctum. I won’t sleep tonight, either, as I’m going back to Italy tomorrow. And on Sunday I’m in Los Angeles [where he lives]. That’s the reason my resumé looks like that, I don’t really stop.

Quite literally, Schiena’s company is a gun for hire. His company MOSAIC (Multi Operational Security Agency Intelligence Company) is an international band of former elite military or intelligence personal. It includes ex-CIA, M16, SAS and US Navy Seals and is available for anybody, but at a price.

We’ll do private security in hostile places, counter-terrorism training, technology – whatever is necessary right now. It’s a crazy world when it comes to terrorism. And now everyone’s all over us.

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