TONY SCHIENA To Speak at the National Sheriff’s Conference in Texas

Tony Schiena will be the guest speaker this year at the National Sheriff’s Conference in Texas. Please view the link below to see the trailer for this great conference.

Tony Schiena is a man of diverse experience and accomplishment. He has an extensive experience in the security industry and has been operational in various capacities on three different continents. A former veteran of the intelligence community, he’s currently a Deputy Sheriff in Virginia and a Lieutenant on the ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) task force.

Tony is President of the Child Council of the IBSSA (with a presence in 110 countries) and a long-standing member of the International Police Association. He was awarded the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the Hungarian National Guard for meritorious service. Tony has given specialist instruction to the New York Police Department, South African Police Force, Indianapolis Police Department, Merced County Sheriff Department and SWAT team (during which he operated as team leader of a National Sheriff Associations special operations team) as well as various military and government agencies including marines in Iraq, Cambodian special forces, Italian air force etc.

As a sportsman he achieved the highest of accolades, retiring as an undefeated World Heavyweight Karate Champion. Tony now dedicates his time to fighting the greatest evil facing society, sex trafficking of children.

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