Wollen die beiden wirklich einen Krieg?

The US media asked last night:

Is Trumps threat serious? Does he want a war to divert from the Russia investigations and his chaos presidency? Could the US make a war with North Korea? How many dead people could demand a military conflict?
“If North Korea has succeeded in reducing a nuclear warhead so that a long-range missile can be equipped with it, Donald Trump’s ‘red line’ will be tested just like Obama’s chemical weapons from Syrian dictator Assad “Says Tony Schiena (42) owner of the global security company MOSAIC.
But Trumps ‘Red Line’ would have quite different dimensions from those of Obama. The terror and espionage expert: “Only about 60 kilometers from North Korea are some 30,000 US soldiers stationed. They would be a simple goal for Kim. ”
Baya, former agent of the South African secret service and business partner of the former Operations Director of the CIA Jack Devine, warns against the devastating consequences of a war with North Korea. “Pyongyang has long-range artillery and a large arsenal of biological and chemical weapons,” he says.
The lives of 25 million people living in and around South Korea’s capital Seoul are in danger. The “fire and rage” threats of President Trump are therefore highly dangerous. “He must take very strategic and cautious steps if he does not want to lead the US into a nuclear war,” warns Schiena.

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